People to People Ambassador Citizen Program – Australia Program

The People to People Ambassador Citizen Program is organizing a delegation
of physician assistants to travel to Australia.  Australia has developed
their first physician assistant programs and graduated their first classes
over the past several years.  We are hoping by meeting with our Australian
counterparts, we will be able to establish international relationships and
strengthen the physician assistant career worldwide.  I am both a physician
assistant and a previous delegate attempting to reach out to physician
assistants who would be interested in this unique opportunity.  Please help
me reach your constituents.

The program is currently slated for March 3-12, 2016. More details,
including the preliminary itinerary and official CME approval, will be
available in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout for more information
Interested candidates may call 877.787.2000, or email, to confirm their interest. Since availability
is limited, early pre-enrollments is the best opportunity to reserve a
space before it’s gone. Call or email us for more details.
We hope you can join us in Australia!