PA Direct Payment Act

The AAPA has been working to have the Physician Assistant Direct Payment Act introduced soon in the new Congress. This legislation would authorize PAs to receive direct payment under Medicare. Introduction of this legislation in the Senate would be an exciting development. 
Delaware’s own Senator Carper and his staff are currently considering being the lead sponsor for this legislation in the Senate.  Sen. Carper was a champion of legislation authorizing PAs to provide hospice services to Medicare patients, and that legislation was enacted last year.
Attached is a letter DAPA has written thanking him for his past and present support of PA legislation and as asking him to be the lead sponsor the PA Direct Pay Act in the Senate.  With over 700 licensed PAs in Delaware, it is important that he hear our voices.  Please read the letter we sent, and please feel free to contact us with any questions.
Stephanie Carlino, DAPA President
Daniella Benson, Immediate Past President
Ed Woodford & Travis Fogelman, Legislative Co Chairs.