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DAPA Committees 2019


Continuing Medical Education

  • Chair: Matt Cruikshank
  • Description: This committee oversees DAPA’s annual conference as well as organizing other educational events during the year such as workshops and lectures. Committee members would assist in planning these events, brainstorming topics, scheduling speakers and participate in fundraising and marketing for the events.


Public Relations

  • Co-Chairs: Courtney Schweizer, Daniella Benson
  • Description: This committee oversees DAPA’s social media accounts and is involved in the promotion of both DAPA and the profession via online/print media and our newsletter. Members will also assist with planning of PA week activities as well as other social and community outreach opportunities.


Constitution and Bylaws

  • Chair: Stephanie Carlino
  • Description: This committee is responsible for upholding the values of the DAPA organization through adherence to our bylaws. Members would ensure that the regulations reflect the current organization and promote vitality.


Legislative Affairs

  • Co-Chairs: Travis Fogelman, Ed Woodford, Daniella Benson
  • Description: This committee will continue to oversee DAPA’s efforts for legislative reform to benefit the profession. Members would attend appropriate meetings (e.g., Delaware Medical Society) and be involved in creating policy change and maintaining awareness of the current political environment.



  • Co-Chairs: Katy Parsley, Lisa Gahagen
  • Description: This committee’s goals are to revitalize DAPA through new memberships and energizing existing members to take a more active role. Duties would include helping with recruitment, organizing and managing existing memberships, assisting with collection of dues and seeking new opportunities to benefit existing members.