Join a Committee

Annual Symposium Committee

 Duties: Plan and Organize CME, funding, speakers, topics, marketing, printed material, technical support, social events, etc.

Subcommittee duties: organize printed material for handouts, registration, speaker’s gifts, silent auction items and organization, conference set up and take down, final detail stuff, etc. 

Legislative Affairs Committee

Duties: Attend appropriate meetings to keep DAPA up to date with policy, political environment, reimbursement issues or changes, etc. Attend Medical Society meetings as a PA representative.

Membership Committee

Duties: Maintain database of member’s information, dues, expiration dates, recruitment, someone to keep track of membership, maybe find places that will offer discounts to members of our organization, occasionally attend medical society meetings and NP meetings to promote membership to DAPA

Newsletter Committee

Duties: Organize and plan newsletter (monthly or quarterly), provide local CME events,  pertinent updates from each chairperson as needed at least every 6 months, Spot light local PA and specialty, work with treasurer for paid advertising and fees, Local epidemics,

Media / Public Relations Committee

Duties: To organize and admin for DAPA social media, organize and promote PA profession and press releases for online and print journals and newspapers, organize and plan for vendor participation for health fairs, medical society meetings, etc to promote DAPA and the PA profession. Work on DAPA newsletters, promote DAPA events, invitation, etc. Promotion and assistance in organization of PA week activities.