Governor Markell signs PA Bill into Law

Gov. Jack Markell signs HB 349 into law, modernizing PA practice in Delaware

In Attendance: Gregg Morris, DAPA president, Joe Zaweski, Bethany Hall-Long, the Senate sponsor, Mark Key, former DAPA pres., Gov. Markell, Rebecca Walker, the House sponsor, Kirsten Opalach, former DAPA pres., far right in the white sweater: Paula Paul, chair of the DAPA Legislative Committee

Bill Synopsis:

This bill modernizes the physician assistant practice requirements in Delaware.
1.  All physicians must ensure that all offices are properly managed and must visit each office location that they own or manage a minimum of once per month to ensure this.
2.  Regulatory Council of Physician Assistants role:  to propose rules and regulations in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act; evaluate applications for licensing  as a PA and make recommendations to the Board on disciplinary actions involving PAs.
3.  Remove the requirement that a physician must be able to be physically present if needed and replaces this with the requirement that the physician must be available by  electronic media for consultation during the patient visit.
4.  Removes the requirement for co-signature of PA charts.
5.  Requires a written agreement between the physician and PA identifying the PAs role.  This agreement must be filed at the primary practice site and be made available to the  Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline if requested.
6.  Provides for limits on the PAs liability in rendering care during an emergency or disaster.
7.  Provides a process for placing a PAs license on inactive status and re-activating an inactive license after a gap in clinical practice.