DPH Requests Discontinuance of Its MOLST Form

The State of Delaware Division of Public Health requests that all health care workers please discontinue any use of the State of Delaware Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatments (MOLST) form. It has been determined that health care professionals are using the MOLST form beyond the legal parameters set forth in regulation 4304, issued by the Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH).

The term MOLST is generally applied to an end-of-life document, which is intended to be portable and can be relied upon by any health care professional. The current “STATE OF DELAWARE MOLST FORM” has prompted some confusion with the enabling legislation for emergency medical providers (EMS) to use pre-hospital advance care directives procedures for terminally ill patients only. Regulation 4304 does not replace an Advance Health Care Directive.

DPH is working to repeal and replace Regulation 4304 and the current Delaware MOLST form with a document that will enable the terminally ill patient the ability to have their end of life care documented in a way that all EMS providers may honor.

Those individuals who have already participated in the preparation of a MOLST form, whether signed by a physician, advance practice nurse, or physician assistant, are encouraged to complete an Advance Care Directive with their medical provider to ensure that their end-of-life wishes are properly recorded.

For further questions or additional information, please refer to the announcement by the Director of DHP or contact the DPH Office of Emergency Medical Services at (302) 223-1350.