Delaware Physician Assistant Honored

Lt. Col. Barry Orbinati says he is lucky to be alive thanks to the heroic work of a physician’s assistant who tended to him at the emergency room last year.

Orbinati, a 53-year-old stationed near New Castle with the Delaware National Guard, went into the hospital decked in camo on November 13, 2014, hoping to get some pain medications for what he thought was a bad headache, but just an hour later he was rushed into surgery to repair an aneurysm in his brain.

“They saved my life,” Orbinati said Friday during a ceremony to honor the doctors that helped diagnose the root cause of the headaches.

Specifically, Orbinati said the work of Edward Knox, a physician assistant who was his main point of contact at the Christiana Care Health System’s Middletown Emergency Department. Rather than just treat his headache, Knox looked further into what was causing his pain, Orbinati said, something previous doctors he had consulted hadn’t done.

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Source:  DelawareOnline