Group Membership

Your DAPA membership gets you access to our employment portal, reduced price CME conferences, PA events, volunteer opportunities, and dinner events. Our dues allow DAPA to continue to serve the best interests of our patients and the PAs in the state of Delaware.

Group Membership
Spread the benefits of joining DAPA with your colleagues. We encourage membership with a 10% discount for groups. Any group that has the majority (90%) of their PAs join at the same time will receive a reduced rate of $90/per person a year. To register a group, have 1 person email the name, home address, phone number, and specialty of each of your PAs to If some of your group are already members we will give them partial credit for the year. An invoice will be sent to the main contact person for the group and payment must be in the form of 1 check.

Printable Registration


Individual Reduced Membership

Not in a group? Individuals can purchase a reduced 3 year membership for $270. Apply online here.